Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I fought a pilot who should be feared. I have fought him before but I can’t get over how good this guy is. The crazy thing is he was born on 2013.01.28. Yeah I know right. But if he’s this good now, what about in a year? His Name is Reciprocrat and he flies with MIN0R THREAT., A corp Started by Duke Thunderhorse a former R1FTA.  Good job Grabbing this one guys, he has my respect. IMO one of the best frig pilots his age and maybe mine.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trust and Friendship

EVE is a “Big Boy” game.  But at what point are you able to trust other people and people that you have grown to know and call “friend”? Do you only Trust your corp. mates cuz your green to them? And then what if one of these friends leaves your corp, and is now a target to you?  Do you err on the side of friendship or do you just move on?  And what if that friend shows his true colors to you and it’s not what you thought.
But, back to the trust part. I can’t speak of life in hi sec cuz I have never really experienced it. But in lowsec you’re constantly watching your back. Every new name in local is either predator or prey. If you live in a certain area for a while you learn who is who, but you never really trust them. As a lowsec pirate your level of trust borders on paranoia. But this is now a survival mechanism to keep you alive. I have left many a ship in low structure or armor, just because of a local spike. And I have lost many a ship for not or not being able to.
 I live by a certain set of rules in game that get me by: Corp/alliance before friends, fleet before fiends, Corp /alliance before fleet. I am a solo pilot, so I find these rules help me keep what moral compass I have left, because I have fleeted with many a Red.  But most FC’s respect that and most others in EVE follow similar or the exact same rules.  But there are those who don’t.  When I first started playing and joined R1FTA I took the corp rules to heart. Honor all 1v1’s and Honor all ransoms.  But what took me forever to realize is that not everyone one lived by these rules.  And it lead to a level of butthurtness. But as I progressed and realized this things got a lot better.
I guess the bottom line to this is simple. TRUST no one.  Don’t expect people to be nice to you because you once flew together other than idle chat in local or pm.  Your corp is your life line and you can trust them, but always expect awoxers and accidents.  And if they are your friends in RL and you know it, they will be your friends after you pod them. If you met them in game, were they ever truly your friend? You met them in a game.  And if you see an ex-corpy or in game friend land on grid, he’s not there to have tea. Chances are he’s gonna whore your kill and try for you., just be prepared.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fear and Arrogance

As a Pirate in Eve, one must choose his fights carefully, take in to consideration every aspect of that fight before it happens and know their limitations. I failed at this.

Arrogance:  A new corp has moved into Adirain. They are a bunch of noobs with a POS, intent on making a noob training corp within Adi. The local residents are none too happy, myself included.  I don’t have a problem with a new corp moving in or a bunch of 3 week olds in my “hood”, I have a problem with the carebear mentality and talking shit sitting behind a POS shield about how pro they are where the 4 of them have 0 on their killboards.  So anyway, I land on the pos with the intent of seeing what the hell is going on.  To my surprise it’s a just a forcefield and a station, no guns etc. so I jump into a LML caracal and head back to pick a fight.  I start shooting the POS and a fleet of 4 warps in from Arnon,  a Vexor, a Thorax, a Talos and a Domi Navy issue.  The Domi pilot opens a Private convo with me and begins explains things, all the while I am bouncing off their shield and still launching missiles. And I proceed to tell him for 500mil I will leave his Pos alone.  He goes into some rambling gibberish and they asks if they can Join the R1der Alliance, I laugh and tell him probably not gonna happen, and warn him of the situation his in and what he is up against.  To make a long story short my Flashy red appearance is making the nublets antsy and he asks I I will fight them for training, I agree and warn him that 2 will die before before I go down, but what I knew was I was in fleet with the Chaotic Ninja Midgets , and in their comms, or so I thought.  I had plugged my head phones after jumping on TS so I could hear them but them not me. Without going into too extreme detail I was whopped with a thorax in low structure, and a talos in 25% armor. My arrogance and the fact I was in a buffer fit cruiser with LML’s over a AF which I have all 5’s in,  versus bc’s and cruisers is beyond me.  And the fact that I failed to recognizes that my calms were messed up . Live and learn I guess.

Fear: There are pilots in this game you know are better than you, you know this not by age or SP but by experience and fact. Naoru Kozan is one such pilot for me.  I was in Jovainnon, in my trusty hawk roaming around and saw an Atron on scan and decided it needed to die. Just then Naoru came into system, d-scan said he was in a pod so I let it go and moved on.  The Atron was no longer on scan but a Jag was. I knew instantly who the Jag pilot pilot was but I was bored and it had been a slow night. I loaded Nova rockets and warped into the plex. There he was, and on it went. He was hiiting me hard and I was has hitting the same, my repper was working overtime, if he had any type of reps I was done. Then out of nowhere the jag popped. I had won. Oh my god I won. 
What did I learn from these encounters? Don’t be afraid of a fight, whether they are Tuskers, Goons, BRRC whatever, Win or lose it’s a fight. And “don’t get cocky kid” just because you’re better than someone does not mean it’s an auto win.

Monday, May 6, 2013

In the beginning

I'm kinda new to this blog thing, so I guess introductions are in order. My name is Angron Vail and I am a capsuler, I fly with the Black Rebel Rifter Club in EVE online. I am Also a Diwty Piwate. That last part is not really true. Not really. I cant classify myself at the moment. Sure, You can consider me a pirate or a PVPer both of which I do but I am not.  I may be just an indiscriminate killer that prays on the weak and wounded of lowsec like a Jackal. Basically I'm a frig pilot.

The biggest thing I have heard about me in EVE is that I fly shinny ships and shinny pods. Also not 100% true. The pay to win stereotype is kinda a falsehood based around some fit advice I was given by fellow corp-mates at the time as a noob, and my discovery of the Gistii B hawk. Which back when the 2/10 plexes were active would only cost me about 100mil or so. But now just the booster is 100 mil or so so it seems i am paying a lot for a an Assault frig. Which i am, but normally barring gate camps and stupidity it will usually pay for itself before dying. As for the pods Sure why not. I am a soldier in real life and we use anything that gives us an edge over our enemy. So why not fly with snakes, crystals, blue pills etc. I have read alot on EVE and and nowhere does it say I have to be fair about it. As a matter of fact it kinda says not to be fair about it.

I also have no idea why i am writing a blog, maybe more to get vents and ideas out then really say anything. I could post my days fights or some shit but i get into a lot fights in a day and lets face it, i'll talk about the good ones anyway.

Maybe it's because I found out I am respected by certain pilots within my corp, and it made me feel off. I never condier my self good at this game. Sure I have a decent kill board and top 5500 on BC. But I dont consider my self good or even among the ranks of the good pilots in eve, or my personal e-heroes, Like Muira Bull, Ava Starfire, Tawa Soyo, Sulelman Shouaa., all of which i have flown with or against at one point in time and am happier for the experience. But to be looked up to? Am I ready for that? i'm still looking up myself. I was int he Tuskers for about a month and asked about that a lot. I enjoyed my time in the Tuskers but the truth of it is I felt i wasn't up to their standards and always in the the back of my mind I wished I was back in R1FTA.

Well that looks like a good start so maybe more next time .